High quality, affordable music tuition
 High quality, affordable music tuition

Music lessons are fun but challenging and they offer so many benefits in and outside of music. They improve concentration, develop and strengthen memory, performing to others improves confidence and you get a real sense of achievement.


Music tuition achieves so much more than teaching yourself or by internet lessons or youtube videos. You can be of any age and a beginner, re starter or a more advanced player. If you wish to go the exam route I have a 100 per cent exam pass rate with many students attaining the higher marks of merit and distinction.

I usually do home visits so you don't have to worry about sitting in traffic or what to do with the rest of your family while you or a child is having a music lesson. Relax!


Lessons are usually on a 1 to 1 or small group basis for children, teenagers and adults. I can do a group if they are of a similar age and ability. My teaching practice is based in Pangbourne, Reading. I am able to do home/school visits in the daytime or evening. Obviously from 4pm when the schools turn I out I am going to be more busy but give me a call I will try to fit you in.

My teaching plan will be tailored to your requirements to help you unlock a life long love of music. We will develop your technique, playing and confidence through learning what you really want to play. Its simple, if you love the piece you are learning and you are having fun you will want to practice.

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