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High quality, affordable music tuition
 High quality, affordable music tuition

Keyboard Lessons



Image result for pic electronic keyboardAn electronic keyboard has a multitude of different sounds, rhythms, and backing tracks that you can explore. It may have programmable memory and can be connected to a computer.

The keys are different too, they are not weighted and look different to piano keys. Yamaha E313 is an example of an electronic keyboard. Keyboard music sounds very different from piano music. Keyboard is just as popular as piano in recent years, because they are cheaper, more portable, you can play in bands, learn in groups, and sound like a whole band on one instrument.

Single finger chords where you just play the C key and the keyboard will do a C chord for you.

Lots of voices (sounds) mean you can simulate any instrument with a keyboard and change quickly between different sounds, like flute or drums.

Keyboard also lends itself more easily to group tuition, which is why group keyboard lessons are often offered in schools.

Different styles in the keyboard mean it will play a rhythm backing track for you. You can choose the one appropriate for the piece you are playing i.e. piano ballad or dance, hip hop or waltz and many more. If you are switching from piano to keyboard you will have to learn to play along with a backing track.

Written keyboard music is also different from piano music, the left hand has chord names like C7 instead of the usual notation.There will also be markings for the different voicings and accompaniments.
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